I am going to go meet a relative who is arriving on an international cruise ship. How do I know which harbour the ship will arrive at?

The arrival times and places of ships can be found here. One can meet the passengers outside the gate zone.

I am coming to Helsinki on an international cruise ship. Is the city centre within walking distance?

From all other terminals and quaysides, except from Vuosaari Harbour, the distance to the city centre is 4 km at the most. For passengers arriving in Helsinki, instructions to the city centre can be found in the terminal pages (e.g. West Terminal 1) as well as from the section for cruise passengers that is aimed at passengers on international cruise ships.

I am coming to Helsinki on a ship, how do I get to the airport?

Instructions from the terminals to for example the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport can be found in terminal pages (e.g. West Terminal 1). You can also find Journey Planner there.

I will arrive in Helsinki the night before embarking, can I get into the terminal to wait for the ship that leaves in the morning?

Passenger terminals are not open 24 h. You can find the opening hours for the terminals at terminal pages (e.g. West Terminal 1). At Vuosaari Harbour, the ABC-service station store, for example, is open 24 hrs.

Is there a luggage room in the terminals?

There are luggage lockers in other terminals except for the Hansa Terminal. Locker sizes vary from terminal to terminal. You'll find the teminal pages at the Passenger section of our pages.

Where can I park my car for the duration of the sea voyage?

Parking spaces for the duration of the sea voyage can be found near the terminals. See the parking choices here.

Do I need a passport for a sea voyage?

You do not need a passport for cruises to Sweden – an ID card or a driver’s licence is sufficient proof of identity. For trips to Tallinn, however, you need either a passport or a photo ID card– a driver’s licence is not sufficient proof of identity. For a trip to St Petersbur, a passport is needed.

I left my passport at home; can I still board the ship?

If your destination is Tallinn or Germany, you cannot board the ship unless you have a photo ID card or a passport. You need a passport for the St. Petersburg cruise. A photo ID card or a driver’s licence is sufficient for a cruise to Sweden.

You can obtain an express passport at the Pasila Police Station. The police station at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport allows express passports only for the flight passangers

I have a card entitling me to a handicap parking space, where can I park my car for the duration of the cruise?

There are marked handicap parking spaces in front of the terminals. If the places are full, you can park without charge in any fee-based parking spaces.

I am physically disabled and I need a wheelchair to board the ship. Who should I contact?

There is a free assistance service at the terminals of Port of Helsinki. It is intended for passengers with reduced mobility due to a physical or mental disability, those with visual or hearing impairments, elderly passengers, those with temporarily reduced mobility and anyone else requiring special assistance.

Please inform your travel agent or shipping company of your need for assistance when booking your trip, and at the latest 48 hours before departure.

I am bringing a car from Germany to Finland. Who do I need to contact regarding the transport? And what about customs formalities?

Transport can be easily taken care of, for example, by contacting the nearest KTK (for example, Helsinki’s KTK). Possible customs formalities can be managed at the Vuosaari Harbour Gatehouse, Bridge 1. The customs service point. 

I am moving abroad. How do I send my goods in a ship container?

Contact your preferred forwarding company to send the goods.

I have goods waiting for me in a container at Vuosaari Harbour, how do I pick up the goods?

A private person cannot pick up any goods at the goods harbour. The forwarding company will take care of the matter or you can visit the gatehouse, where the service points for all operators are located.

Where can I confirm whether or not our container has arrived at the harbour?

By calling the operator who has the goods in their area. You can also enquire at the gatehouse, but you must know on which ship the goods are arriving and preferably also the number of the container.

Our company would like to arrange a visit to Vuosaari Harbour. How can I visit Vuosaari Harbour?

You cannot access the closed harbour area without a pass. Citizens can see the Vuosaari Harbour from Porvarinsilta and the Horisontti scenic overlook.

Contact Teija Ahlgren, firstname.lastname(at)hel.fi .

I am arriving at Vuosaari Harbour in a truck many hours before the departure of the ship. How can I utilise my waiting time at the harbour?

Heavy goods drivers have at their disposal many restaurants and washing opportunities along with saunas. In addition, the Helsinki Seafarers’ Centre serves heavy goods drivers and sailors 24 hrs a day. You can find, for example, a sauna, library, church and canteen at the Helsinki Seafarers’ Centre. See the services at the Vuosaari harbour area.

I am arriving in a truck to board the ship to Germany at Vuosaari Harbour. How do I know where to go?

There is an electronic instruction system at Vuosaari Harbour that recognises vehicles and directs them to the right place. Make sure that your front licence plate is clean, so that the system can recognise your truck.

I would like to have a summer job at the harbour, where can I ask about work?

The Port of Helsinki has some summer jobs annually, you can ask Teija Ahlgren about them, firstname.lastname(at)hel.fi. or follow our Careers-page. In addition, the shipping companies, logistics companies and harbour operators hire summer workers. See the companies’ contact information in the Business Register.