Developing Vuosaari Harbour

Vuosaari Harbour is preparing itself for significant growth in pulp transport. Railway transportation from Metsä Fibre’s new Äänekoski bioproduct mill to Vuosaari Harbour will begin in the third quarter of 2017. This will increase the amount of goods traffic going through Vuosaari Harbour significantly.

The harbour infrastructure construction work necessary for these new export transports was started towards the end of 2015. The approximately 6 hectare plot in which Metsä Fibre’s new terminal is located, as well as the new traffic, require major rearrangements of operations and traffic routes in the harbour area.

Another major project is deepening the Vuosaari sea fairway from its current 11 metre depth to 13 metres. The size and depth of cargo ships operating in the Baltic Sea have increased.

Ongoing and future projects in the Port of Helsinki’s Vuosaari Harbour:

  • Starting from October 2016, a disembarkation bridge for foot passengers is being constructed at the CP pier. This is scheduled for completion in March 2017. Investment is co-financed by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility funding programme.
  • Traffic connections in the closed harbour area are set to be improved by changing the crossroads of Harbour Road East and Harbour Road West, where traffic is currently controlled by traffic lights, to a roundabout, to ease the flow of traffic. This work is due for completion May 2017
  • The construction works on the export terminal, located in Vuosaari and intended for Metsä Fibre Oy’s Äänekoski pulp mill are progressing, with the terminal set for completion in June 2017.
  • In the yard area of the terminal under construction for Metsä Fibre, work is underway to build a blind track for train transports. The existing 500 m long track is being realigned and extended. The track will grow in length to approximately 1 km and a number of level crossings, complete with warning devices, will be constructed.

Fairway deepening project

  • Vuosaari Harbour has submitted a water permit application to deepen the fairway leading to the harbour from its current 11 m to 13 m. We are currently awaiting the final result of the water permit processing procedure, which we expect to receive in December 2016. Construction of the fairway is planned to take place across two open water seasons, and the dredging is scheduled for 2017–2018.

Recently completed:

  • The filling in of the old docking basin in Vuosaari’s former shipyard to make it level with the surrounding field was completed at the turn of September–October 2016. Processing and storage operations for empty containers were located in the area.

Construction of Vuosaari Harbour was one of the largest civil construction projects in Finnish history, as well as being the largest harbour project. The harbour was officially opened on 28 November 2008.  

The Vuosaari Harbour Project and the Environment (pdf, 2008)