Developing West Harbour

Helsinki is experiencing construction at a greater rate than ever before, and construction at Helsinki’s new maritime district, Jätkäsaari, is progressing at full speed. The shore area of Jätkäsaari, literally meaning ‘Dockers’ Island’, previously used for industrial and harbour purposes, is gradually being transformed into a district offering residential areas, workplaces and services.

The Port of Helsinki is involved in this work through the development of West Harbour and through the construction of a new terminal area at the tip of Jätkäsaari, where the new West Terminal 2 is due for completion in spring 2017.

The new passenger pavilion will, together with the old West Terminal 1, provide a smooth travel experience for the millions of passengers travelling between Helsinki and Tallinn each year.

The route across the sea between the twin cities is one of the busiest in the world, and its passenger numbers are growing constantly.

The public transport connections to the new terminal will be streamlined when construction is completed. Trams 9 and 6T will bring passengers right to the door of the terminal with departures at frequent intervals, and by the 2020s three tram lines will run to the terminal.

West Terminal 2 will also offer smooth operations from the perspective of ship traffic. A new automated ship docking system will be implemented at quay LJ7, using vacuum technology to hold ships in place at the quay, which will be complemented by a new a dual ramp, allowing vehicles to be driven onto the ship on two levels at the same time.

The vessel route will be improved with the completion of the Pihlajasaari by-pass fairway.

Timetable for the entire project

  • Construction works started in the area, January 2015
  • New quays completed, June 2015
  • Construction of West Terminal 2 started, September 2015
  • New check-in area opened, 30 May 2016
  • Construction of the southern end of Tyynenmerenkatu began, October 2015
  • The southern part of Tyynenmerenkatu and the tram line open for traffic to West Terminal 2, February 2017
  • Tyynenmerenkatu due for completion autumn 2017
  • West Terminal 2 due for completion March 2017

Environmentally friendly terminal

  • Good public transport connections, which will reduce car traffic.
  • Waste water can be discharged for free at all quays.
  • Ships can connect to shore electricity at the quays. This will reduce emissions.
  • Automated gate operations reduce congestion and idling.
  • The use of MoorMaster units (for the automatic mooring of vessels) will allow vessels to be moored and unmoored quickly and therefore reduce both vessels’ consumption of fuel and emissions.
  • Quays to be situated coherently in relation to the sea route. This will lead to smoother vessel traffic and lower emissions levels.
  • The energy required to power the terminal’s lighting will be generated using solar panels.
  • Refuelling with LNG will be facilitated. Exhaust Emissions and noise levels produced by LNG vessels are lower.
Kartta Länsisatama 2016-2017

West Harbour – maps 2016 and 2017. Harbour area's traffic arrangements will be finished by autumn 2017. Untill then, temporary arrangements are marked on the site.

New check-in facilities opened in June 2016

Checking in of cars at West Harbour began at the new site on 30 May 2016.
The new gate for heavy traffic at West Harbour is equipped for automated identification and check-in. The heavy traffic gate is shared with the shipping companies.

Projects in progress at West Harbour

West Terminal 2 and passenger corridors LJ7 and LJ8 / project management contract,
YIT Rakennus Oy
Due for completion March 2017

Delivery and installation of LJ7 disembarkation bridges at West Harbour,
Alekon Holding AS, Estonia
Due for completion March 2017

Delivery and installation of LJ8 disembarkation bridges at West Harbour,
Adelte Ports & Maritime, Spain
Due for completion May 2017


The Port of Helsinki’s independently led infrastructure work
Due for completion May 2017

Electrical works in the expansion area, Aro Systems Oy
Due for completion April 2017

Construction of the southern part of Tyynenmerenkatu
Kuljetus ja Maanrakennus P. Salonen
Due for completion October 2017

Paving contract 2016-2017, Lemminkäinen Oy,
Due for completion May 2017


Co financed by EU