Hansa Terminal

Hansa Terminal is the passenger terminal for Vuosaari Harbour and serves passenger traffic from Helsinki to Travemünde and Rostock.

Hansa Terminal is located at Gate B at Vuosaari Harbour. Passenger traffic borne by ropax vessels passes through it. Cars move into lanes in the check-in field (B2) for ticket inspection. The field has three two-sided ticket inspection booths under a canopy, providing a total of six ticket inspection lines. After the ticket inspection, the cars are directed into their proper lanes for boarding their ship. Embarking and disembarking takes place in small groups in a controlled manner along a special route, with a line of cars headed by a special guide vehicle.

The terminal is open went ships are in port.

Provianttikatu 5


Terminal Service Map

tel. +358 10 343 4810

Finland’s found property service
tel. +358 600 41006 (1,67 €/min + pvm)
mon-fri 9.00 - 18.00

Seafarers Centre
Provianttikatu 4
tel. +358 9 5844 8200
tue-thu 16-21, trucksauna heated tue-thu 17-21

Restaurant Gatehouse (about 50m from terminal)
open mon-wed 6.30-18.00 and thur-fri 6.30-16.00

Restaurant Saluutti (about 200m from terminal)
open mon-fri 5.30-23.30, sat 7.00-18.00 and sun 10.00-18.00

Runda Munken (about 250m from terminal)
open mon-fri 7.30-15.00

Portin Grilli
open mon-fri 7.00-19.00

Rengasnet Oy
Rahtarinkatu 1, hall 6
tel. +358 20 749 0828 / Tillander and Nyman
All tyre services and service car
mon-fri 7.00-19.00

Car Parking

Car parking map (pdf, 947,9 kB)

P8 car park

2,00 €/h
max. 10 €/24 h
38 € / week
76 € / 2 weeks

Driving directions

Driving directions

Public transport

Busses 90 and 90A. During the day, the best way to reach Vuosaari Harbour is to take the metro to the Vuosaari metro station and transfer to the 90 bus for the harbour.


Railway station (23,6 km) Bus 90 to Vuosaari metro station, by metro to railway station. Bus 90A straight to railway station.

Kamppi bus terminal (24,2 km) Bus 90 to Vuosaari metro station, by metro to Kamppi.
Bussi 90A straight to railway station, walk to Kamppi shopping centre.

Helsinki airport Use Journay planner. Trains I and P from Railway station to the airport Ringrailline.

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