Dangerous Goods Notifications System

The Dangerous Goods Notifications System is an online service provided by the Port of Helsinki, which can be used to issue dangerous goods notifications and monitor the progress of the notifications.

The system is integrated into the national PortNet system (an information system for port traffic) and operator system. The system contains the UN numbers of dangerous goods, and applicable instructions.

Advance notification

The shipper or consignor must provide the port authority and operator with details of the dangerous goods and amounts within good time – at the latest 24 hours before delivery into the harbour area.

The Dangerous Goods Notifications System is also updated to reflect changes to advance export notifications.

Advance inquiry

Advance inquiries are used to establish in advance whether a consignment can be transported through the port. An advance inquiry is required when goods classified as extremely dangerous, or large quantities of dangerous goods, are to be transported. Shippers and consignors must be prepared for potential restrictions or special arrangements, such as direct onwards transportation, when transporting such goods.

The system will check automatically, on the basis of the information provided in the advance notification, whether an advance inquiry is necessary. If an advance inquiry is necessary, the system will immediately inform the party providing the advance notification.

All advance processing takes place in the system, and an approved advance inquiry will automatically create an advance notification. Details of the decision will be sent to the notifier by email.


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