Port of Helsinki
12.6.2020 10:53:19 //
Kimmo Kallonen
Timo Porthan

11,500 tons every day

The shipping container is actually quite a recent invention. 

When container traffic was launched in the United States in 1956, it was quickly found that containers were able to reduce transport costs to a fraction of what they had been. The basic container unit is the TEU: the twenty foot equivalent unit. Containers come in two sizes: one or two TEUs, that is, 20-foot and 40-foot containers. One TEU has a capacity of 33 cubic metres.

Shanghai is the world’s largest container port. More than 43 million TEUs of containers passed through there last year.

Vuosaari Harbour handled 533,810 TEUs of containers last year. They were used to transport about 4.2 million tons of cargo, which is an average of 11,500 tons per day.