30.05.2018 //
Kari Martiala

Cruise passengers are interested in environmental matters

Cruise customers are increasingly interested in how shipping companies look after their environmental affairs. However, there is still a long way to go before environmental aspects become the deciding factor in the choice of a shipping company. According to experts, if a company neglects its environmental duties, this will reflect on its image and market position over the long term.

Costa Deliziosa, which belongs to Italian company Costa Cruises and has also visited Helsinki, is one of the first next-generation cruise vessels. It can be connected to the terrestrial electricity network when it is in port. The shipping company strives to be an ecological pioneer in other ways. 

“On the Costa Deliziosa, the waste created by the restaurants is monitored in terms of volume and money. Food waste is crushed to make fish food, with the exception of pineapple peels and bones. When the ship is at least six kilometres from the coast, the fish food is discharged into the sea,” says Eduard Puckl, Hotel Director responsible for hotel and restaurant activities.

Pineapple peel, paper and other waste is incinerated, generating electricity for the ship to use. Glass, metal and plastic waste is taken off the ship whenever it calls at a port.