Port of Helsinki
18.11.2021 16:09:24 //
Vaula Aunola
Veikko Somerpuro

Customers praise the Port of Helsinki’s communications and response times

Innolink conducted the Port of Helsinki’s customer satisfaction survey as telephone interviews in September 2021. The sample consisted of 53 interviews.

The sample consisted of 53 interviews. The respondents included key persons and partners from both customer companies using cargo services and those using passenger traffic services.

At 48, the Port of Helsinki’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the survey was much better than last year’s (37). The NPS is the world’s most widely used measure of user experience and, in particular, customer loyalty. Other factors examined in the survey also received higherscores, and overall customer satisfaction had improved.

According to the respondents, the port had been most successful in terms of reachability, response times and adequate communications. Customers praised the port for its actions during the coronavirus pandemic: “An expert organisation that responds quickly to exceptional circumstances.”

Just like last year, respondents felt that “promoting responsibility and sustainable development” best described the Port of Helsinki.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been receiving good feedback on passenger traffic with respect to communications, response times, traffic flow and safety,” says Sari Nevanlinna, Vice President of Passenger Services.

“Our cargo customers feel that we’re continually developing operations and moving forward,” says Jukka Kallio, Vice President, Cargo.

Regularly considering all areas of the port’s operations from the customer’s point of view will also provide a good foundation for future business development.

Customers highlighted signage and traffic arrangements in certain places as areas for development. Clearer pricing was also needed. Developing digital functions was once again considered important, and the port is constantly increasing its investments in this area.