The greenest port of the year encourages stakeholders to go green

In October 2018, the International Green Shipping Summit granted the Port of Helsinki the title of greenest port of the year. The honour is awarded for implementing environmentally friendly projects and complying with – or even surpassing – environmental rules and regulations intended to reduce harmful emissions. The winners were selected by a poll of industry actors. 

“It feels great that the Port of Helsinki’s long-term work to manage the environmental impacts of seafaring and port operations has received recognition. We will continue working for the good of the environment as we aim to be a pioneer of sustainable development in our industry,” says CEO Ville Haapasaari.

The Port of Helsinki chalked the win down to its discount for cruise vessels, encouraging shipping companies to discharge their wastewater directly into the Helsinki sewage system when they are in port.

“Every one of the Port of Helsinki’s piers has excellent facilities for accepting wastewater, and our price incentives have proven effective. Today, approximately 90 per cent of cruise vessels calling in Helsinki discharge their wastewater into the city’s sewers.”