16.12.2019 14:40:43

Port Call Optimization – digitalisation and artificial intelligence help predict vessel arrival times

Digitalisation is a highly visible element of the Port of Helsinki’s strategic priority projects. One of these priority projects is Efficient Port Operations, and one of its goals is to make more efficient use of port structures through digitalisation. 

“They will also be supported by developments to gate and control systems,” says Pekka Meronen, Vice President, Finance, ICT and Development at the Port of Helsinki.

The latest development measure to be introduced is part of the Port Call Optimization theme. The Port has developed an AI-based model to calculate vessel arrival times.

“Artificial intelligence analyses historical data on vessel movements, compares locations and speeds, and uses this information to provide real-time forecasts for vessel arrival times,” says the Port of Helsinki’s IT Manager Esa Salonen.

This system will improve information flow within the port community and promote the more timely use of resources.