16.5.2019 09:07:58 //
Matti Parpala

Rauanheimo is expanding in Vuosaari thanks to chemical pulp

Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab, a stevedoring and freight forwarding company, has worked with VR, the Finnish state rail company, to implement comprehensive logistics solutions for Metsä Group’s plant in Äänekoski. The majority of Rauanheimo’s volumes travelling via Vuosaari come from the Äänekoski plant. Every year, more than a million tons of Äänekoski chemical pulp travels by rail.

Rauanheimo is responsible for tasks including loading chemical pulp carriages in Äänekoski. In Vuosaari, the company takes care of warehousing and reloading the chemical pulp according to the customer’s instructions. From the port, the chemical pulp travels in bulk on ships, in containers and in trailers.

Alongside the chemical pulp terminal, Rauanheimo is a significant processor of mechanical products for the forestry industry. The company’s new bulk cargo terminal supports operational growth and expansion in Vuosaari.

Rauanheimo also has the world’s largest material processing machine in Vuosaari explicitly designed for loading bulk goods. Automation makes the Mantinen 300 machine more efficient than conventional wire machines.

“Today, Rauanheimo is one of Finland’s leading operators in the stevedoring, port freight forwarding and shipping industry, as well as in transit traffic to Russia. We operate at all of the major ports in Finland,” says Regional Director Niko Orpana.