Developing Katajanokka Harbour

Katajanokka Harbour is Helsinki’s second oldest city harbour and was founded in 1878, when South Harbour was expanded into Katajanokka.  
Until 1936 Katajanokka was home to Helsinki Airport, which also operated as a seaplane port. Passenger terminal operations started in the old harbour warehouse in 1976, with companies such as Finnjet operating from Katajanokka over the years.

The first floor passenger hall and surrounding spaces were renovated and reorganised in 2017.

Also the structures, fittings, lighting and signage are also to be overhauled as part of the renovations. These works will be provide an accessible and light terminal that provides passengers with clear guidance: 

  • All Viking Line service desks are located at the right-hand end of the passenger hall, as seen when standing at the main entrance.
  • Two separate disability service points for those with reduced mobility. These are located at either end of the check-in desks.
  • The queues for the different service points will run parallel to each other.
  • Passengers are provided with more waiting room
  • The info and pick-up point are located opposite to the main entrance.
  • The luggage storage facilities are at the left side of the back wall when looking from the main entrance to the hall.
  • The travel agents’ facilities are renovated.
  • The kiosk, lifts and WC facilities will remained in their locations.
  • A back office space is set aside for staff.
  • Signage is renewed.
  • The lighting in the passenger hall is improved.

Other developments at Katajanokka

Two private projects borne out of the activity and initiative of citizens have begun to take shape at Katajanokanlaituri, right next to Katajanokka Harbour: United International Leisure’s ferris wheel Finnair’s SkyWheel and the Korjaamo Group’s floating marine spa. Both structures are temporary and will operate at Katajanokka for a few years, or possibly longer.  

These projects are not affiliated with the operations of the Port of Helsinki, but the needs of entrepreneurs in the field of maritime traffic and the security of operations at the harbour area were some of the premises for the planning of these projects.

There are also a number of longer-term construction projects planned for Katajanokka: YIT is making preparations to construct an underground car park in the area between Kruunuvuorenkatu and Katajanokkanlaituri, as well as an above-ground office and hotel project at Kanavakatu 14.