Environmentally considerate solutions

Building a passenger terminal form the scratch allowed the Port of Helsinki to implement environmentally considerate solutions at every step of the West Terminal 2 project.

alusten jätevedet

The possibility to discharge wastewater directly into the municipal sewer system was built also to the new quays.



The automooring system on one of the quays saves time but also decreases the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of ships.



The 156 solar panels installed on the roof of the passenger corridor will produce environmentally friendly electricity for the LED lights in the new passenger terminal.



The new quays have potential to offer shipping companies shore power, which reduces local noise and air emissions.



Bunkering with LNG is also possible at the harbour. The exhaust emissions and motor noise from ships using LNG are lower than those of current ships.


Increased automation will improve the flexibility of the vehicle traffic in the harbour area and decrease congestion and idling.


julkinen liikenne

The excellent public transportation connections to the terminal decrease the need for those picking up or dropping off passengers to drive in the area.



Energy-efficient LED laps are used for the field lights.



kaukolämpö ja -jäähdytys

The terminal is heated and cooled using district heating and cooling produced by Helen Ltd.




Co financed by EU