The South Harbour – Stockholm traffic will continue until 2030

Current traffic to Stockholm, Sweden from the South Harbour will be transferred to Katajanokka in the centralisation of the development programme, and the Port will withdraw most of its operations from the South Harbour. This will give the City the opportunity to renew the South Harbour area into public urban space. The plans will be implemented in cooperation with the City of Helsinki. The implementation have been planned in a way that allows the construction of the Architecture and Design Museum in the South Harbour.

Makasiini Terminal in the South Harbour will be demolished, and towards the end of the development programme the Port will hand over the Olympia Terminal and Harbour House to the City of Helsinki for other than port use. Until then, the South Harbour will serve the Stockholm traffic as normal.

However, the needs of international cruise traffic and potential high-speed vessel traffic will be taken into account in the future land use.

After the development programme is completed, the South Harbour will be used as a port for small and medium-sized cruise ships. 

There is also a possibility for fast-speed passenger ferry traffic.

The South Harbour will also be prepared to manage St Petersburg traffic in the mid-2020s, whilst a new West Terminal 1 is being built in the West Harbour. Temporary facilities for St Petersburg vessel traffic will be built on the Makasiini Quay.