Advertising-funded EV charging points to the Port of Helsinki

9.6.2022 09:42:51
Parked cars and an EV charging point in front of Katajanokka terminal.

Advertising-funded EV (electric vehicle) charging points have been installed next to the Katajanokka and Olympia Terminals. Particularly in city centres, the construction of a charging network plays a key role in the electrification of private motoring. The advertising-funded EV charging points installed near the terminals are part of Clear Channel’s Smart City solutions.

In 2021, 30 % of the new cars first registered in Finland were rechargeable hybrid or fully electric cars. Their number is expected to further increase. The Port of Helsinki, together with its advertising partner Clear Channel, want to be involved in promoting sustainable development and creating smart cities to make life easier for residents. The new EV charging points are located in the parking areas of the Katajanokka and Olympia Terminals.

“Together with the Port of Helsinki, we provide charging points for passengers and residents running errands in the surrounding areas. The cooperation between Clear Channel and the Port of Helsinki support smoother and more ecological travel, as a sufficient supply of EV charging points contributes to the functionality of the city centre and the achievement of climate goals,” says Lassi Tolonen, Development and Product Director at Clear Channel.

Digital screen in foront of Katajanokka terminal.

The digital screens placed in outdoor areas reach passengers using the terminals and residents living in the area or elsewhere in the city well. The central location in the busiest parts of the city affords advertisers a high level of visibility and fame.

The Port of Helsinki is involved in developing Helsinki into the most functional city in the world, and the port’s own goal is to become the most functional port in the world. 

“The Port of Helsinki serves the business world and well-being of the Helsinki metropolitan area and the whole country. We also value good relations with the residents living near our port areas, and we want to offer services not only to our passengers, but also to Helsinki residents,” says Marika Pauli, Head of Passenger Services and Property Development.

The cooperation between Clear Channel and the Port of Helsinki supports smoother and more ecological travel. In addition, the real-time digital screens can be used to, for example, guide passengers and those moving around in the area.

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Lassi Tolonen, Development and Product Director, Clear Channel
+358 40 523 0041