Coronavirus – instructions for passengers

Matkustajien opastusta terminaaleissa lisätään

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the COVID-19 epidemic to be a global pandemic. This exceptional situation affects travel safety everywhere in the world.

International passenger traffic is subject to restrictions related to the COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, the general travel recommendation issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland is still “avoid unnecessary travel”. However, countries such as Estonia and Latvia are exceptions to this, and unrestricted travel is allowed from them. 

Travelling restrictions to and from Finland will end on Sat  Sep 19, 2020. This concerns mainly port of Helsinki’s destination cities in Sweden and Germany. We update the information concerning passenger traffic as soon as there is information available. Details on travelling need to be checked directly on shipping company’s website.

The instructions for border traffic issued by the Border Guard

Questions concerning border traffic   

11.9.2020: Restrictions on entry into the country to be amended due to COVID-19

19 August 2020: Government tightens travel restrictions at internal and external borders 

More info on the government recommendations

Everyone has the right to leave Finland; however, non-essential travel should be avoided
Government decides on plan for hybrid strategy to manage coronavirus crisis and for gradual lifting of restrictions  
Government decided on tightening restrictions on border traffic along the border with Sweden and Norway and on steps to secure medical care in Åland

Both ports and shipping companies are prepared for the gradual and safe return to passenger traffic in many ways. We are working in close cooperation with the authorities to ensure that traffic can resume safely. Passengers should also familiarise themselves with instructions issued by the authorities and comply with the hygiene and health regulations put in place by the authorities.

Instructions for passengers and employees arriving in Finland 

Measures in terminals in Helsinki

•    Terminals are cleaned more thoroughly and surfaces are disinfected regularly. 

•    Terminals are equipped with disinfectant stations for passengers.

•    Passengers are reminded to maintain good hand hygiene and safety distances with the help of signs and markings, for example.

•    Use of facial masks is strongly recommended. There is a limited amount of them available at the terminals.

The City of Helsinki opened its first health guidance point for ship passengers at terminal 2 of the West Harbour on Monday 17 August. Similar health guidance points have also been opened at the Olympic Terminal and the Katajanokka Terminal.

The health guidance points offeres ship passengers information on coronavirus prevention and refer passengers with symptoms indicative of COVID-19 to get tested. The health guidance points will not carry out coronavirus testing, at least for the time being, but will instead direct passengers to other testing stations in Helsinki, if necessary.

The City of Helsinki opened on 7 September corona testing station in Jätkäsaari, close to the West Terminal 1 (address: Tyynenmerenkatu 6, building L3).

The aim is to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infections contracted on ships and ensure passenger safety.

Read more: Helsinki opening a health guidance point at the West Harbour

Ship travel

Information about the mesures onboard ships, rescheduling or cancelling ship passages, please contact the shipping company:

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How to wash your hands thoroughly

Published 2.3.2020. Last updated 11 September 2020: Travelling restrictions to and from Finland will end on Sat Sep 19, 2020. This concerns mainly port of Helsinki’s destination cities in Sweden and Germany.