Coronavirus – instructions for passengers

1.5.2022 08:00:00
Turvallisen matkan toivotus.

COVID-19 is a global pandemic which affects travel safety everywhere in the world.

Restrictions on entry at Finland’s external borders imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic have ended. 

As of 1 July, third-country travellers arriving in Finland are no longer required to hold vaccination or COVID-19 test certificates, and COVID-19 tests will not be carried out at border crossing points. 

Internal border control between Finland and all Schengen countries already ended at the beginning of the year.

Ministry of the Interior 20 June:  No restrictions on external border traffic as of 1 July 
Ministry of the Interior  27.1.2022: Internal border control will end, restrictions on external border traffic will continue until 14 February

Covid-19 still among us

Covid-19 is still among us and the pandemic is not over even though Finland has given up restrictions on entry. Fast changes at the pandemic situation are possible. 

It is very important to travel only when you are well and take care of good hand hygiene and the coughing etiquette. Those who want to wear a face mask are welcome to do so. Especially those who are at risk of contracting severe coronavirus disease, should be careful among large crowds.

Well tried hygiene practices are still followed at the Helsinki ship terminals.

Published 2.3.2020. Last updated 25 July 2022: Restrictions on entry at Finland’s external borders have ended.