Electric vehicle charging points opened in Eteläranta

Sähköautojen latauspiste Etelärannassa
The new charging points are located in the parking area in front of Hotel Palace. In Helsinki, public charging points can be identified by the logos of Virtapiste and Helen.

The Port of Helsinki has opened two new public charging points for electric vehicles in Eteläranta, in the Pakkahuone Quay parking area. In doing so, the Port wishes to promote environmentally friendly driving and contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

The City of Helsinki's network of public charging points for electric vehicles has been expanding for several years now, with new charging points being built in commuter car parks along the railway line, for example. Now the development of the charging network is also expanding to the harbours, which of course serve as important travel nodes.

The public Virtapiste network currently consists of 115 charging points around Finland, 40 of which are located in Helsinki. The new charging points for electric vehicles in Eteläranta are part of Helen Ltd’s charging point network.

Parking and charging services are charged for separately. Customers can charge their vehicles on a one-off basis or as registered Virtapiste customers, with the latter option being more affordable. To register as a customer, please visit virta.fi.

Virtapiste charging points on a map: http://app.virta.fi/
Charging prices (in Finnish): https://www.helen.fi/sahko/taloyhtiot/sahkoautojen-lataus/latauspisteiden-hinnat/ 

For more information, please contact:
Director Kari Noroviita, Port of Helsinki Ltd
Tel. +358 (0)500 403 990