Experienced port restaurateur takes over restaurant services of the Katajanokka Terminal

30.6.2023 11:13:46

The restaurant services of the Port of Helsinki’s Katajanokka Terminal are being renewed. As of July, the services will be provided by HH Ravintolat, who have already been operating at other passenger terminals in the city centre. A café named Cafe Kuppi was opened in the lower lobby to serve passengers and passers-by alike.

“We are already familiar with the harbour environment and ship passengers, as we are also responsible for restaurant services at West Terminal 2 and the Olympia Terminal. We know the wishes of travelling families with children, work commuters and recreational travellers alike, and we now have an opportunity to elevate the quality of the restaurant services of the Katajanokka Terminal to the level of other passenger terminals in the Helsinki city centre,” restaurateur Henri Häkkinen rejoices.

The street-level café serves delicious cold and hot coffee beverages. The café’s specialty coffees and trendy summertime coffee beverages suit international tastes as well. Customers can also choose from a good selection of soft drinks and snacks, hotdogs and specialties from Helsinki.

Marika Pauli ja Henri Häkkinen Kahvilan edessä.
“We’ve been actively developing restaurant services together for a while now, and achieved excellent customer satisfaction results”, describes Marika Pauli, Head of Business Development and Strategy, the co-operation between the Port and Henri Häkkinen.

Cafe Kuppi is open every day in the morning and in the evening in accordance with ship departure times. On the busiest weekdays, such as Fridays, the café is open all day.

In the check-in area of the second floor of the terminal, ship passengers are served by a café and a bar. In addition to a tasty café selection, customers can enjoy brewery products and alcoholic drinks.

A bistro on the third floor will first be opened for the busiest ship departures, and later in the summer, also for charter groups.  

The restaurant selection of the terminal takes special dietary requirements into consideration and pays attention to responsible operations. “The Löfbergs coffee that we serve is produced responsibly, and we always serve everything in appropriate tableware. We also centralise our logistics in order to reduce the environmental impact of our transports,” Häkkinen explains.

Customers are also provided with local products from Helsinki at the terminal. 
“On the brewery side of things, we have local specialties, and you should definitely come taste the products of the Eromanga home bakery, for example. We are looking forward to serving you!”

HH Ravintolat is a Finnish café and restaurant business founded in 2002. The company operates primarily in transport station environments, serving large numbers of customers responsibly and in a customer-oriented manner with high-quality cooperation partners. The company operates at the Port of Helsinki’s passenger terminals, the Helsinki Central Railway Station, Iso Paja and the club of Vuosaari Golf. HH Ravintolat employs roughly 60 people, and the company’s turnover is approximately €7 million. www.hhravintolat.fi

For more information, please contact:
Restaurateur Henri Häkkinen: henri.hakkinen(at)hhravintolat.fi, tel. +358 (0)40 582 0911
The Port of Helsinki Mediadesk: mediadesk(at)portofhelsinki.fi, tel. +358 (0)40 506 5280