Finnish authorities' cooperation exercise at Olympia Terminal


The Guard Jaeger Regiment of the Finnish Defence Force is organising a cooperation exercise for Finnish authorities on Monday 5 September 2016 at Helsinki's Olympia Terminal and in its immediate vicinity as well as in the Katajanokka area, running from approximately 09:00 to 19:00.

The exercise is part of the Kehä 16 local defence exercise. The aim of the exercise is to develop the authorities' preparedness for unexpected and multi-sectoral situations as well as improve the participating agencies' performance and cooperation in demanding executive assistance tasks. The cooperation exercise will involve personnel from the Finnish Defence Force, the Helsinki Police Department, the Helsinki Rescue Department, the Port of Helsinki, Finnish Customs, the City of Helsinki and the Finnish Border Guard.

Troops will be primarily operating in the area of the Olympia Terminal, but troop relocations will also cause short traffic stoppages in the immediate vicinity of the terminal and in the Katajanokka area. The exercise will not involve the use of practice munitions.

The exercise will be led by the Guard's battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ari Lehmuslehti.