Finnish Food Authority’s border control post to operate at Vuosaari Harbour

8.3.2021 14:00:32
Ruokaviraston rajatarkastusasema Vuosaaren satamassa.

The Finnish Food Authority transferred its border control post from Hakuninmaa to Vuosaari Harbour. The post operating in the gate area speeds up the border control of many port customers. The new post started operations on 3 March 2021. 

The inspection of foodstuffs and products of animal origin arriving at Vuosaari from non-EU countries by ship no longer requires a separate trip to Hakuninmaa. Instead, the necessary inspections can be performed immediately at the harbour. 

Customers benefit from the new location

‘The new location of the border control post will clearly speed up our imports and will also create direct cost savings as the necessary inspections can be carried out directly at the harbour,’ says the happy Sourcing and Logistics Director Jari Leikko from Prima Pet Premium, a Tampere-based pet food manufacturer, importer and wholesaler. 

Inspections prevent the spread of animal diseases and increase food safety

One of the tasks of the Finnish Food Authority is to monitor and inspect the safety and quality of food entering the country.

The border control posts oversee that foodstuffs and by-products of animal origin imported from outside the EU meet the conditions for import. Regulatory oversight prevents the spread of animal diseases and safeguards the health of animals and the safety of foodstuffs. Living animals are not inspected at the border control post in Vuosaari. 

‘A lot of meat and fishery products, such as canned tuna, are imported to Finland via Vuosaari Harbour. Most of the by-products are feed, mostly chewing bones for dogs,’ says Head of Veterinary Border Control Kitty Schulman from the Finnish Food Authority. 

Vuosaari Harbour offers diverse services

Ruokaviraston rajatarkastusaseman lastauslaituri Vuosaaren satamassa.

The Port of Helsinki is constantly developing its operations to improve customer service and streamline operations at the harbour.
‘For border control, we had multi-purpose and energy-efficient premises built in the harbour’s gate area,’ says VP Technical Services Pekka Hellström from the Port of Helsinki. 
‘It is a good addition to the services of Vuosaari cargo harbour.’ 

‘Border inspection immediately at Vuosaari Harbour helps our customers’ daily operations run more smoothly,’ Schulman confirms.
‘And of course, it is also nice to move to brand new premises.’

 Finnish Food Authority’s border control post at Vuosaari

•    will start operations at Vuosaari Harbour on Wednesday 3 March 2021 
•    address: Seilorinkatu 13, building V28, 00980 Helsinki
•    telephone number: +358 (0)40 146 7551 
•    email address: 
•    More information: Import of animals and animal products from non-EU countries 

Ruokaviraston rajatarkastusaseman sijainti Vuosaaren satamassa.

More information: 

Head of Veterinary Border Control Kitty Schulman, Finnish Food Authority
tel. +358 (0)29 520 4985

The Port of Helsinki Mediadesk
telephone during office hours: +358 (0)40 5065280