A gift to the Baltic Sea

26.11.2021 09:14:40
This Christmas we gave a gift of life to the Baltic Sea.

This Christmas, the Port of Helsinki will give an immaterial gift to the Baltic Sea through the Baltic Sea Action Group’s "Ei vettä, pohjaa rakkaampaa" project. 

“The campaign by BSAG fits in very well with the Port of Helsinki’s environmental goals. It helps prevent the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, climate change and loss of biodiversity. As the campaign states, the Baltic Sea is beautiful, unique... and in a critical state. The Port wishes to do its part to look after the seas of the world, which are also the largest carbon sinks on our planet,” states Ville Haapasaari, the CEO of the Port of Helsinki.

The Port of Helsinki is also supporting the University of Helsinki’s Baltic Sea research with a three-year donation programme.  These donated funds allowed the university to hire doctoral student Jamie Jenkins to research the opportunities for offshore wind power in Finland in spring 2020.