M/S Princess Anastasia to use South Harbour temporarily

M/S Princess Anastasia, Moby SPL
Photo: Moby SPL

Moby SPL’s Princess Anastasia will switch to using South Harbour instead of West Harbour in Helsinki towards the end of March 2020. The temporary arrangement, scheduled to last for an estimated three years, is due to the future changes to heavy traffic routes in West Harbour as well as the re-arrangement of the harbour area in general.

The Makasiini Terminal in South Harbour is a good fit for Princess Anastasia. The terminal is located quite centrally in terms of tourism, and it has the necessary room to organise customs control for cruises beyond the Schengen area. However, this change requires Port of Helsinki to carry out alterations: the lift in the terminal as well as the escalator and the facilities required for customs controls will be refurbished. In addition to this, in August the Port of Helsinki acquired a multipurpose, mobile floating ramp to serve Princess Anastasia.

The temporary move of the vessel has a good timing, as it doesn’t interfere with the City’s development plans for the South Harbour area.

In Jätkäsaari, the Port of Helsinki has been gradually assigning areas for housing developments by the City. As of the New Year, once the City of Helsinki has completed the roundabout at the intersection of Tyynenmerenkatu and Rionkatu, heavy traffic will be directed to and from the harbour area via the roundabout. Thanks to these new routes, heavy vehicles will be waiting for embarkment in the enclosed harbour area in the future. This requires a streamlining of the use of space in the quay areas and sizable traffic arrangements.

Moby SPL is a shipping company specialising in Baltic cruises. The company was founded in 2016, when St. Peterline and the Italian company Moby Lines merged. It operates between Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn. The company currently owns one cruise ship, the M/S Princess Anastasia. The ship visits Helsinki three times a week. In 2018, roughly 209,000 passengers and a small number of vehicles travelled the route between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg.

For more information, please contact:
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