Port of Helsinki among the first to receive Sustainable Travel Finland label

9.6.2020 15:29:16
Sustainable Travel Finland -leima

At the start of June, the Sustainable Travel Finland label was awarded to the first twenty or so companies, the Port of Helsinki among them. The companies that received the label meet the criteria created by the travel promoter Visit Finland, which take financial, ecological, social and cultural sustainability into account.

“It is important for responsibility in the travel industry to be developed in Finland over the long term and in cooperation with other operators in the industry. For the port, being part of a travel chain that is implemented in a sustainable manner is a matter of honour,” says Marika Pauli, head of passenger services development at the Port of Helsinki.
“We serve as a traffic hub at the meeting point of the marine environment and the city, and our objectives are a seamless passenger experience and being a forerunner in sustainable port operations. The services we offer to travellers must also be provided in a sustainable manner.”

All operations of the port are based on environmental responsibility: the port may operate only if the environmental permits are in order.

“Responsibility is a part of all our actions, from small to large. For example, our handling of the waste management of vessels is top-notch, and we offer discounts on port charges to vessels based on their consideration for the environment,” Environmental Specialist Anton Airas says.

“The Port of Helsinki is also committed to implementing a carbon-neutral port by 2035, and the objectives related to sustainable travel and mitigation of climate change support each other beautifully.”

The objective of the Sustainable Travel Finland label and the development programme supporting it is to promote sustainable travel in Finland, promote Finland more consistently as a country of sustainable travel, facilitate the choices of travellers when they make decisions about travel, and launch and increase cooperation adhering to the principles of sustainable development between municipalities and other public operators, regional travel organisations and companies.

The companies that are now receiving the label have been involved in the programme since its pilot phase last spring. Concurrently with the awarding of the first labels, the programme will be officially opened to all travel companies and regions.
For more information and a list of the companies that received the label, visit:

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