Port of Helsinki and Clear Channel to an agreement on advertising cooperation reaching 12 million people

10.12.2019 08:00:00

– Advertising steered by passenger needs

Helsingin Sataman Länsiterminaali 2, lähtöaula

Port of Helsinki Ltd and Clear Channel Finland Ltd, an outdoor advertising company, will start advertising cooperation at the beginning of 2020, with the results being visible to the 12 million passengers travelling through the passenger ports in Helsinki each year. In future, the advertising in the boat terminals in Helsinki will be managed on the basis of research data in accordance with the needs of various passenger groups.

The busiest passenger port in Europe is currently undergoing major renovation and digitalisation. The smoothness of trip chains will be improved, for example, with new services and more detailed guidance. Digital surfaces also enable the sharing of important information supporting passenger experience, such as the provision of weather forecasts, news, map services and map guides.

The busy traffic in ports ensures that digital surfaces have tremendous visibility. We are excited about the spirit of renewal that this new cooperation with Port of Helsinki has. It’s great to have the opportunity to modernise ports, says Jemina Koskinen, Partner Manager, who is responsible for the agreement at Clear Channel.

Data helps reach the right target groups

Going forward, the advertising displayed in the passenger ports of Helsinki will be based on passenger data, which has been collected in the ports for the past six months and which will be collected in the future as well. The data indicates the times of day when families, business travellers, foodies, tourists and party-goers leave or arrive by boat.

– The common objective of both our own strategy and the advertising cooperation established with Clear Channel is a seamless passenger experience. For passengers, this will be experienced in feeling that the content of the advertising surfaces speaks to them. For advertisers, this guarantees that they reach the right target groups, which means that they get the best possible outcome for their advertising investments, says Marika Pauli, Head of Passenger Services Development at Port of Helsinki.

A 16-metre-wide curved experience wall attracts attention

The outdoor areas of terminals will also be renovated in the smart city spirit to integrate the ports closely with the urban landscape. City bike stations are now located in the outdoor areas and Agora’s automated package locker systems will be installed there later to serve not only passengers but also Helsinki residents living near the ports. These smart city solutions introduce digital advertising surfaces to outdoor areas, and this is an environment that is worthwhile for advertisers to join as well.

– In addition to the traditional digital advertising surfaces, the terminal at Katajanokka, which is currently being renovated, will have a 16-metre-wide, curved experience wall, which can be used for displays ranging from commercial content to sea waves. The LED wall will help passengers feel like they are already on a cruise. A successful sea voyage starts with a good terminal, says Pauli.

The agreement that was concluded is an extension of the cooperation between Port of Helsinki and Clear Channel, but another operator and shipping companies have also been involved in advertising previously. The objective of the cooperation that will start in January is to harmonise the quality of advertising in the various parts of the port.

– We selected Clear Channel because the company is a pioneer that monitors trends closely and has strong competence. They invest in innovation. We also want to be a pioneer, and that’s why I believe this cooperation will enable us to successfully promote our vision of the world’s best-functioning port, says Pauli.

for further information, please contact:
Marika Pauli
Head of Passenger Services Development, Port of Helsinki Ltd
tel. +358 (0)40 820 2413

Jemina Koskinen
Partner Manager, Clear Channel
tel. +358 (0)20 7312 026