The Port of Helsinki is applying for EU funding for its investments


- Focus on environmental investments

The Port of Helsinki Ltd and its partners have submitted three funding applications related to the Port’s environmental investments to the EU. The objectives are, among others, to decrease emissions in the Port area and to allocate benefits to local residents and the whole city. The total sum of these investments is EUR 18 million, and funding was applied for 20–30% of this.

The Port of Helsinki wants to be a forerunner in sustainable port operations. The goal and the basis of the action programme is 100% carbon-neutral port operations by 2035. Find out more about the goals and methods of the Carbon-Neutral Port 2035 programme.

The Port is applying for the European union’s CEF funding for several projects of the Carbon-Neutral Port 2035 action programme, such as onshore power investments, energy-efficiency projects for the terminal buildings, the automatic mooring system of berth EK7, and the double vehicle ramp intended for the Vuosaari–Muuga route that will be built in Vuosaari Harbour. 

A good example of an investment that will benefit the residents is the onshore power supply to be built for several berths. When the vessels can be supplied by electricity onshore while they are moored, they do not need to use their auxiliary engines to generate electricity. This means that the use of onshore power could notably cut down on noise and local emissions, and these positive environmental impacts will be significant to, in particular, the people working in the port area and the local residents.

We expect to receive the EU’s funding decisions by the end of summer 2020.


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