The Port of Helsinki has the best website of the ports of North Europe

15.3.2019 14:50:06
Helsingin Sataman verkkosivusto on responsiivinen

Finland and the United Kingdom dominated the website assessment of seaport authorities’ websites carried out in late 2018. The highest score for website content and usability was awarded to the Port of Helsinki. The assessment is part of the HAZARD project of the EU in the Baltic Sea region steered by the University of Turku.

The websites of the most important seaport authorities in North Europe were assessed in terms of content and usability towards the end of 2018. The assessment covered 97 seaport authorities, who manage a total of 116 ports.

Website assassment score

The Port of Helsinki achieved the highest score in the assessment. The Port of Dover came in second, the Port of Rauma third, the Port of Pori fourth and the Port of Tallinn fifth.

Helsingin Satama vastaanotti parhaan palkinnon satamien websivujen vertailussa
The results of the assessment were published at HAZARD final conference 15 March in Tallinn. On behalf of the Port of Helsinki, Communications Manager Eeva Hietanen received the first prize with satisfaction.

The assessment focused on the English-language content of the seaport authorities’ websites in general and especially on the safety-related matters communicated online along with overall usability and quality of the website.

The primary categories 1. Content and 2. Usability were divided into seven groups that focused on the details concerning the safety of passenger and cargo operations, port features and the usability and technical performance of the website. At least two people assessed a total of 280 details concerning website content, usability and quality for each website.

Core network ports of the EU Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) starting from Le Havre and continuing north, including the British isles, as well as the so-called comprehensive network ports in the Baltic Sea region, whose annual amount of traffic exceeds 2 million tonnes of cargo or one million passengers were selected for the assessment. Important Norwegian ports and Russian ports on the Baltic Sea were also added to the list.

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