The Port of Helsinki steers the volumes of truck traffic through its pricing

14.11.2018 15:10:14

For 2019, the cargo charges of the Port of Helsinki Ltd. will remain the same and a moderate general increase of 1.2% will mainly be applied to other charges due to inflation.

Growing truck traffic to be steered to Vuosaari from the urban ports

The Port of Helsinki will introduce truck charges in urban ports during the rush hours in the morning and afternoon. At the same time, we will aim to increase the efficiency of the capacity used in Vuosaari Harbour by establishing similar economic incentives for truck traffic.

The impact of the environmental discounts on vessel charges that were introduced at the beginning of 2018 will be increased so that the maximum discount could be 4%. With this larger discount, the shipping companies are further encouraged to decrease air emissions and noise and to implement investments that improve their energy and environmental efficiency.

LHD quay to serve international cruise traffic

The Port of Helsinki has completed a new Hernesaari LHD berth, which will be ready to welcome its first international cruise ships in spring 2019. The discount of passenger charges of cruise ships will be cut down from 35% to 30%.

As of the beginning of last year, passenger ships visiting the Port of Helsinki have been granted a 20% discount on the waste management fee charged for solid and oily waste, if they discharge their domestic sewage into the port's sewer network. This practice will also be in place in 2019.

Mooring and unmooring services to be transferred to South Finland Port Service Ltd

The regulations of the European Commission’s decree related to port services will come into force 24 March 2019, changing the mooring and unmooring services offered in the ports of Helsinki.   

The Port of Helsinki Ltd will transfer its mooring and unmooring service production to its subsidiary South Finland Port Service Ltd starting from 1 January 2019. This will enable high-quality and efficient vessel services. This change does not have any immediate effects on customer prices.

The use of the Automooring devices has been differentiated from the mooring and unmooring charges and an infrastructure charge has been determined for it in the Port of Helsinki Ltd.’s pricelist.

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