The Port of Helsinki uses pricing to guide truck traffic and continues its efforts to promote emission reductions

15.11.2022 11:15:23

The Port of Helsinki’s price list for 2023 has been published. The general pressure to increase prices due to inflation will be transferred to prices only partially, with an across-the-board increase of 2.5%, and the intention is to transfer the pressure increase to the pricing for customers over several years. The fees for truck traffic in the city centre and storage of transport units will be reviewed and the efforts to spur on emissions reductions will continue. 

The waste charges for vessels will remain the same. In passenger traffic, however, the pricing structure of vessel fees will be revised to better meet the costs as vessels continue to grow larger, especially in international cruise traffic. 

By developing the pricing of field rents, Vuosaari Harbour is striving to improve the rotation of containers and increase operative effectiveness. Short-term storage will mainly remain the same, but the prices of longer-term storage in the harbour area will be increased significantly.

The aim is to continue balancing the way truck traffic is distributed between the different parts of the port. In the future, the ‘truck toll’ in the city centre harbours will increase to €20 per unit, which will be charged for both trucks and trailers in Tallinn traffic from Tuesday to Friday departures and arrivals between 5 am and 6:30 pm. In Vuosaari, the similar discount practice will remain unchanged.

The Port of Helsinki will continue to improve the sustainability of transport chains. Vessel charge discounts help promote renewal of vessel stock and introduction of greener technology. In 2023, the Port of Helsinki will increase the maximum environmental discounts of its vessel charges from eight per cent to ten per cent and from six percent to seven percent, compared to 2022.