Port of Helsinki’s Annual Report 2018 has been published

Helsingin Sataman vuosikertomus 2018 on julkaistu verkossa.

The Annual Report of the Port of Helsinki is out as a web publication. You can read it in Finnish and in English at: https://vuosikertomus2018.portofhelsinki.fi/en.

The busy year of 2018 at the Port of Helsinki ended with record-breaking numbers in cargo traffic. Also passenger traffic was still busy, and the Port retained its status as the busiest international passenger port in Europe.

“Year 2018 for the Port of Helsinki was coloured by the new growth strategy for the coming years and the definition of key projects. We set becoming the most functional port in the world as our vision. This gives direction for our operations and inspires both our employees and the partners whom we work with”, says Ville Haapasaari, Port of Helsinki CEO.

The financial outcome remained at a good level, as was expected. The turnover of the Port of Helsinki Ltd increased to 96.6 million euros. After taxes, the profit for the financial year of the Port of Helsinki Ltd was 10.6 million euros.