Prepare for entry into Finland with COVID-19 certificates and the FINENTRY service

1.12.2021 11:20:28
Matkustajia saapumassa maahan Länsiterminaali 2:ssa Helsingissä.

As the internal border control in the EU’s Schengen area ended on 26 July 2021 and ship traffic to Finland increases, passengers travelling via the Port of Helsinki should prepare for occasional congestion at the terminals and car lanes, particularly upon arrival. Please bring the necessary certificates with you and use the FINENTRY service.

The City’s health and safety authorities will continue to direct ship passengers arriving in Helsinki to a health check or COVID-19 testing. The goal of these measures is to ensure health and safety even as the EU’s internal border control ends.

Take your certificates with you on your trip 

When boarding a ship, you need to have a certificate of one or two COVID-19 vaccinations, a negative COVID-19 test result or recovery from a previous COVID-19 infection. 

According to the Communicable Diseases Act, arriving passengers must present their certificates when entering the country. We ask that you have the certificates at the ready so that the checks go as smoothly as possible. Similarly, we ask that you complete the contact information form of the City of Helsinki’s healthcare services well in advance. The forms are distributed on the ships.

 Health examinations at passenger ports 

Due to a new variant of omicron coronavirus all passengers are checked in the port.

All passengers, including those arriving by car, will henceforth be classified into two lines, green and red. The passenger must choose the right line.

Those who have been in the countries of southern Africa during the previous two weeks must apply for a red line for health inspection at the port.

Select the green line if

•    you have a certificate of a complete vaccination series. 
•    you have a certificate of having contracted COVID-19 within the previous 6 months. 
•    you are arriving by car and have a certificate of a negative test result or a certificate of incomplete vaccination series. 
•    you work in the transport and logistics sector.
•    you have not disembarked (cruise passengers departing from Finland).

Certificates are not required for children born in 2006 or later. 

Select the red line if

•    you do not have any of the certificates mentioned above. 
•    you are arriving on foot and you have a certificate of a negative test result or a certificate of an incomplete vaccination series. 
•    you have stayed within 2 weeks in countries where outbreaks of the coronavirus B.1.1.529 variant (omicron) have been detected.  

In the car lane, motorists with a negative test certificate or a certificate of an inadequate vaccination series also have access to the green line. If there is one person in the vehicle who belongs to the red line, the red line is to be selected.

Make your entry smoother with Finentry

A passenger can make their entry into Finland faster by using the Finentry service. We recommend that you register with the service in advance, in your country of departure. The service provides instructions on the COVID-19 tests required, and you can also book a testing appointment via it. 

Finentry-palvelun mainos.

Read more about the instructions of the health and safety authorities of the City of Helsinki.
Learn more and register with the Finentry service.

Fist published 26 July 2021. Updated 1 December 2021: Added instructions 30.11.2021 by Social Services and Health Care