Renewed Bistro O serves at Olympia Terminal

18.5.2021 15:51:38

The restaurant of the traditional Olympia Terminal opened its doors on May Day 2021, with both renewed food and beverage offerings and renovated premises. Bistro O serves all visitors to the area with a laid-back and tasty approach. The renovated premises feature facilities for almost 400 customers and a sunny terrace with a sea view. Everything is ready for the summer.

Bistro O:n burgeri.

There has been a restaurant at the terminal since the year of the Olympics, which has a long history of serving food, as well. Now the kitchen has been revived after a long break. In the characteristic bistro-style, Bistro O has a laid-back and tasty menu without too many gimmicks. The great ingredients take centre stage.

The bistro offers tasty bistro food with vegan options, sweet and savoury delicacies and a lunch buffet on weekdays. The diverse drink selection includes drinks on tap, cocktails and coffee drinks, among others.  

When developing the new operations, responsibility principles have also been taken into account. For example, the coffee used in Bistro O’s hot and cold coffee drinks is dual-certified organic fair trade coffee. 

Contact details:
Bistro O
Olympiaranta 1, 00140 Helsinki
+358 (0)40 715 2801 
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