SA-TU Logistics is planning a new terminal for Vuosaari Harbour


SA-TU Logistics and the Port of Helsinki have signed a letter of intent regarding the leasing of an area a little over a hectare in size in the logistics area of Vuosaari Harbour. The objective of SA-TU Logistics is to build a new terminal in the area.

SA-TU Logistics will start planning the first phase of the investment immediately. According to the preliminary plan, the area will have two separate terminals and a total of approximately 4,000 square metres of new space. A 70-tonne overhead crane is planned for the second terminal.

"The Port of Helsinki and SA-TU Logistics have worked in close cooperation since the beginning of operations at Vuosaari Harbour", says the harbour’s Cargo Traffic Director Jukka Kallio.
"The letter of intent further strengthens the position of Vuosaari in industrial transport."

The new terminal will primarily focus on processing various steels, projects and other similar industrial goods, their short-term storage, and loading containers intended for export and unloading containers intended for import.