Second automated mooring system at Helsinki’s West Harbour provides positive environmental impacts

5.7.2021 10:14:04
MS Finlandia kiinni laiturissa MoorMaster-yksiköillä.

The Port of Helsinki Ltd has built a second automated mooring system at West Harbour, next to West Terminal 2. It was used for the first time in late June, by Eckerö Line’s MS Finlandia, which uses the berth. The system speeds up the mooring and release of vessels, as well as reducing emissions in West Harbour and its surrounds. When working with tight, rapid turnaround times, this has a clear positive impact, allowing vessels to spend less time in the harbour.

“We’re delighted to see the system brought into use. The aim is to streamline mooring at and departure from the quay. Our prediction is that the automooring system will achieve a time saving of five minutes, which can be used to reduce the speed when at sea and save on fuel. The environment will thank us for this, too,” states Eckerö Line Managing Director Taru Keronen.
“The Port of Helsinki has made a number of technological investments in recent years to streamline harbour operations, the next of which is expected to be digital harbour guidance.”

The Port of Helsinki is committed to its Carbon-Neutral Port 2035 goal.

“The automated mooring system is a key part of our action plan,” explains Port of Helsinki Harbour Master Antti Pulkkinen.
“It reduces emissions at our busy berths, which is particularly important as our passenger harbours are located close to residential areas.”

The new system comprises six MoorMaster units, which each utilise two vacuum pads to pull the side of the ship towards the quay’s fenders.

The mooring system is controlled remotely from the bridge of the ship or from land. Traditional rope-based mooring of a vessel requires the combined efforts of several people.

The system was supplied by Cavotec Finland Oy, which also supplied West Harbour’s first such system, which was brought into use in 2016.

For more information, please contact:
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