South Finland Port Service Ltd to receive a new Managing Director


South Finland Port Service Ltd's operative management is changing. As  Managing Director Kari Noroviita retires on 15 April 2020, Vice President, Finance, ICT and Development at Port of Helsinki Pekka Meronen (M.Sc.) will step in as the new Managing Director .

Otherwise, the organisation will remain unchanged. Pekka Meronen has previously worked at the ports of Kotka and Rauma, among other places, and he is very familiar with the industry and its challenges and opportunities.

South Finland Port Service Ltd will continue to develop its operations in a determined manner in order to maintain reliable and cost-efficient services for its customers. In the coming years, SF Port Services will aim to grow its operations both geographically and in terms of expanding its services.

For more information, please contact:

Ville Haapasaari, Chair of the Board,
South Finland Port Service Ltd
+358 (0)40 709 8798

Pekka Meronen, VP Finances, ICT and Development,
Port of Helsinki Ltd
+358 (0)40 563 6763

Kari Noroviita, Managing Director,
South Finland Port Services Ltd

+358 (0)50 040 3990