Studies to provide understanding of ship passengers’ needs

Laivamatkustajia Länsiterminaali 2:lla

In early 2019, the Port of Helsinki will launch passenger studies to collect information to support the port’s development. Development of the passenger experience will be one of the key projects of the Port of Helsinki in the coming years.

Key themes of the passenger studies will include a better understanding of different passenger groups, the passengers’ needs and expectations and changes in trends, for example. The studies will be conducted by Red Note, and information will be collected in three stages.

Early in the year, the research company will interview ship passengers and representatives of shipping companies regarding their needs. Based on the understanding they gain, the company will plan a survey that will be carried out on a monthly basis at the passenger terminals of the Port of Helsinki, starting in March. The survey’s purpose is to gather information on the customer satisfaction of the port’s customers and their use of services.

Additionally, customer segmentation will be carried out as a separate data collection process between April and June. Its results will provide a deeper understanding of the target groups as well as the tools for developing services and marketing.

– The studies and discussions with various partners and interest groups will provide us with an up-to-date and comprehensive picture of the situation and expectations. Based on this picture, we will be able to identify the most important areas for development from the perspectives of both customer satisfaction and commercial development, confirms VP of Passenger Services for the Port of Helsinki Sari Nevanlinna.
– We will be able to build service concepts that will carry us far. For example, it may mean the provision of new services at terminals or real-time timetable information on various modes of transport, displayed on digital surfaces.