Taksi Helsinki and Lähitaksi to continue as contract taxi service providers at Port of Helsinki

28.12.2022 09:55:21

Port of Helsinki Ltd renewed its competitive tendering process to ensure the availability of high-quality, reliable and safe taxi service connections at their ship terminals around the clock. The continuing contract companies are Taksi Helsinki and Lähitaksi. In addition to this, cooperation with Taxi Point, which focuses on traffic control and infrastructure of the Port and taxi operations, will be expanded in the West Harbour and at Katajanokka Terminal. 

When ships arrive in Helsinki, there are plenty of passengers arriving at terminals at the same time, and taxi services are in high demand. Cooperation between Taxi Point and the Port aims to match taxi demand with supply. Taxi Point is responsible for the logistical operation of contract taxis at Katajanokka Terminal and West Terminal 2. Taxi traffic arrangements will remain unchanged at terminals and contract taxis will use a shared taxi lane at both terminals as before. 

Contract taxis use a shared taxi lane (green lane) at Katajanokka terminal and West Terminal 2. 

The availability of taxi services, a safe and reliable level of service and clear-cut pricing are an important part of the excellent customer experience of passengers. Contract taxis always display their prices and use low-emission cars. The drivers have good language skills. The contractual arrangement also ensures that taxis are available at terminals at night and at peak times, as well.