Unauthorised parking under intensive surveillance in Jätkäsaari during May–June


Unauthorised parking of heavy-duty vehicles and drivers staying overnight in their vehicles has stirred up conversation lately in Jätkäsaari. The City of Helsinki, the Police and the Port of Helsinki are undertaking intensive surveillance in order to inhibit unauthorised parking in the area.

Intensive parking surveillance as well as intensive surveillance by the police was undertaken from week 22 onwards. If need be, the police can fine drivers for example for endangering traffic. Foreign drivers can also be fined, and the fines can, if unpaid, hinder entering the country. If a heavy-duty vehicle has been given several parking tickets, it can also be towed away from the area.

Measures include prohibitory signs, restricting street space and adding surveillance

Other measures that will clarify the parking restrictions are bollards that will be added to the streets in the beginning of June. The street space will be restricted especially in front of the houses where unauthorised parking and overnight stays have occurred. The area will also be supplied with prohibitory parking signs as well as separate signs prohibiting stopping. The texts will be shown in different languages as well as in the form of an infographic. The signs clearly explain that no parking, sleeping or idling of vehicles is allowed on the area.
The Port of Helsinki instructs all heavy-duty vehicle drivers arriving and departing ships about the towaway zone in Jätkäsaari as well as the short-time parking spaces and facilities provided for by the Port of Helsinki. The Port will also provide night surveillance by a security company to remind drivers staying overnight beside the road that it is prohibited in the area. The goal is for the lorries to arrive at the rest area in Länsisatama no earlier than four hours before the ship departs and to wait at the rest area in the Port of Helsinki instead of waiting in Jätkäsaari for a long period of time.

Länsisatama, raskaan liikenteen opastus

The area to be provided with permanent parking signposts in different languages

The drivers passing through Länsisatama will also receive written instructions in several languages with information about where the rest area in Jätkäsaari is situated. Drivers of heavy-duty vehicles will also be told about the intensive surveillance. Then again, there is a shortage of heavy-duty parking areas and rest areas in the Helsinki metropolitan area. In other words, the rest area in Jätkäsaari can be full at times. There is, however, no intention to add more rest areas to the Jätkäsaari area, since a bigger rest area would be likely to also increase heavy-duty traffic to the area. The City of Helsinki, the Police and the Port of Helsinki hope these measures will calm the unauthorised parking in the area and lead to lorries finding other rest areas than Jätkäsaari.