Updated info: The COVID 19 impact on port of Helsinki


Cargo traffic operations are continuing strong, even though the covid 19 has had a strong impact on the passenger traffic. 

The covid-19-related restrictions on international passenger ships have been lifted from 15 June onwards. The general travel recommendation provided by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs remains as “avoid all non-essential travel”. Recreational travel from Finland to Estonia and the Baltic countries has been released. Ship passengers no longer need to stay in a 14-day quarantine when returning to Finland.

As of 13 July 2020, border control was lifted at the Schengen area’s internal borders also for Germany.

The instructions for border traffic issued by the Border Guard

Traffic at the passenger harbours

Both ports and shipping companies are prepared for the gradual and safe return to passenger traffic in many ways. We are working in close cooperation with the authorities to ensure that traffic can resume safely. Passengers should also familiarise themselves with instructions issued by the authorities and comply with the hygiene and health regulations put in place by the authorities.

More info on the government recommendations
Government decides on plan for hybrid strategy to manage coronavirus crisis and for gradual lifting of restrictions  
Government decided on tightening restrictions on border traffic along the border with Sweden and Norway and on steps to secure medical care in Åland

Coronavirus information by the shipping companies:


Terminal Open  Closed
West Terminal 2 x  
West Terminal 1 x  
Olympia Terminal x open on even days in July  
Makasiini Terminal   x
Katajanokka Terminal x  
Hansa Terminal x  

Tram 5 drives to the Katajanokka Terminal. For more information, read the HSLrelease

Traffic at Vuosaari Harbour 

Traffic at the Vuosaari Harbour continues normally with the exception of:

  • Sea Wind, operating the route between Vuosaari and Muuga, not taking on any passengers for the time being. 
  • Finbo Cargo transports passengers and cargo from the port of Vuosaari to the port of Muuga. (On Saturdays at 10 am departures are driven to Tallinn Terminal A.)

Vuosaari Harbour real-time situational status:

Vuosaari Harbour Today


Traffic statistics

The passenger traffic has practically stopped and the state of emergency can also be seen at the amount of cargo traffic. 

•    Port of Helsinki traffic statistics are published once a month, the last one being June 2020

Port of Helsinki Ltd own operations 

Port of Helsinki Ltd is doing everything it can to ensure the continuity of the operations in the coming weeks. 

In this situation the Port of Helsinki Ltd decided to grant quay side lay up to our regular customers from today to the end of April for the price of one vessel fee, in the case the vessel is not in traffic. At the end of April, the Port decided to prolong the period to the end of May.

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Inquiries concerning restrictions on ship traffic, please contact the Prime Minister’s Office.

service for media, office hours: tel. 040 5065280
outside office hours: tel. 050 354 3616

Published March 18, 2020. Last updated  20 July, 2020, at 12:56: border control has been lifted at the Schengen area’s internal borders also for Germany.