Vuosaari-Muuga ship route becomes more efficient: new double ramp completed at Vuosaari Harbour

11.5.2023 11:53:01
Rekkoja ajaa sisään laivaan kahdella rampilla yhtäaikaisesti.

The construction of a new double ramp intended to serve car freight and passenger traffic to Muuga, Tallinn, has been completed at Vuosaari Harbour. The double ramp will shorten ship turnaround times by making it possible to load and unload ships via two decks at the same time. 

After completion, the double ramp was immediately put to use for the loading and unloading of Eckerö Line ship Finbo Cargo. The new ramp will speed up vessel calls to Vuosaari Harbour, allowing the berth to receive up to three ro-pax vessels per day.

“The new double ramp ensures the potential for increased capacity for Estonian cargo traffic at Vuosaari Harbour,” says Jukka Kallio, Vice President, Cargo, at the Port of Helsinki.

“The Vuosaari-Muuga ship route is a direct connection between the capitals of Finland and Estonia that does not require ships to pass through the city centres. As such, it serves as a convenient route not only for cargo transported on lorries and trailers, but also tourists travelling by car.” 

The construction of the double ramp is part of the streamlining of the sea traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn as well as the development of the Europe-wide Ten-T network. The EU investment project TwinPort 4 has funded 30% of the project. 

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* ro-pax vessel = a vessel that takes passengers on board in addition to transporting cargo on lorries and trailers