All heavy transports in the West Harbour to be directed to Tyynenmerenkatu as of 13 January

20.12.2019 10:00:00
Street traffic

– Passenger car drivers should use Länsisatamankatu

As of 13 January 2020, all heavy transport vehicles in Helsinki’s West Harbour will be directed to arrive to the harbour via Tyynenmerenkatu. In the future both arrival to and departure from the harbour will be via the intersection of Rionkatu and Tyynenmerenkatu. This will finally fulfil the City of Helsinki’s goal of having harbour heavy transport vehicles drive through the residential areas of Jätkäsaari as shortly as possible. 

New arrangements won’t increase the amount of heavy traffic in Jätkäsaari, but there are no longer any waiting areas for heavy transport vehicles in the area. Instead, lorries and trailers are admitted to the harbour in time windows of a few hours each. Lorries will wait for embarkation in the fields of the harbour’s closed quay area.

Raskaan liikenteen reitit Helsingin Länsisatamassa 2020, karttakuva
Heavy transport vehicles will drive in and out of the harbour via the intersection of Rionkatu and Tyynenmerenkatu.

The new operating methods have required traffic arrangements affecting both the road network and the harbour area. In December, the City of Helsinki will convert the intersection of Rionkatu and Tyynenmerenkatu into a raindrop roundabout. Inside the harbour area, new check-in gates and related systems as well as waiting lanes will be placed in the quay area Check-in will be moved to its new location during the weekend preceding the route changes, when the volume of heavy transport in the harbour is slightly lower.

Länsisatamankatu is the best route for passenger cars

Automatkustejien lähestymiskartta, Helsingin Länsisatama 2020
Passenger car drivers visiting the West Harbour should use Länsisatamankatu from now on.

Ship passengers traveling by car will be directed to drive in and out of the harbour area via the intersection of Länsisatamankatu and Tyynenemerenkatu. Passenger car drivers can use either Tyynenmerenkatu, which is also used by heavy transport vehicles, or preferably the quieter Länsisatamankatu.

Helsinki is Europe’s busiest international passenger port. In 2018, a total of 12.1 million passengers travelled through the Port of Helsinki. The Port of Helsinki is also Finland’s leading general port for foreign trade. In 2018, a total of 14.7 million tonnes of goods – including daily consumer goods, forest industry products, machines and equipment – were transported via the Port of Helsinki. The Port of Helsinki serves the industries and well-being of the Helsinki region and the whole country and has significant positive impacts on the economy and employment. In 2018, the turnover of Port of Helsinki Ltd was 97 million euros.

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