New tram stops opening at the West Harbour

Street traffic

West Terminal 2 will be put into operation on 27 February 2017. However, for now Tallink Silja's Europa, Eckerö Line and St. Peter Line will continue to operate out of West Terminal 1, T1, while the new T2 terminal will be used by Tallink Silja's fast ships, Megastar and Star.

At the same time, new tram stops will be opened at the new terminal (T2). The new West Terminal 2 has a separate arrival platform for dropping off passengers, as well as dedicated departure platforms for tram lines 6T and 9. Tram line 6T will be using the inner tram rail, departure platform 2, while line 9 will be using the outer tram rail, departure platform 1.

Länsisatama 2017