Vehicle unloading routes to change in West Harbour

Street traffic
Länsisataman kartta, poistumisreitit

The unloading routes for cars and heavy traffic coming off ships are to change at Helsinki’s West Harbour from 30 April 2017. The City has set Tyynenmerenkatu as the main route for heavy traffic using the Harbour, as Tyynenmerenkatu does not run through the residential areas in Jätkäsaari. The internal arrangements in the harbour area now allow for the new unloading routes using Tyynenmerenkatu to be taken into use – well ahead of the original schedule.

Heavy traffic to leave via Tyynenmerenkatu

From 30 April heavy traffic leaving the Harbour will be directed from the quay area along Rionkatu onto Tyynenmerenkatu towards Länsilinkki (the crossroads of Jätkäsaarenlaituri and Mechelininkatu) and on to Länsiväylä.

The entry gate for traffic arriving at the Harbour will, for the time being, remain as it currently is. During the building of tram tracks at the Välimerenkatu, heavy traffic will be directed from Länsiväylä to the West Harbour via Crusell Bridge route. The construction of the Atlantinkatu bridge brings the next set of major changes for traffic arrangements at the Harbour, which is set for autumn 2018 at the earliest.

As Eckerö Line’s MS Finlandia begins using the new West Terminal 2 in June 12, the routes within the harbour area for trucks arriving change as well, running under the new terminal to the ship.

Car drivers can also choose to use Länsisatamankatu when leaving the Harbour

The routes for cars are also set to change. Cars will be directed out of the harbour area at the crossroads of Länsisatamankatu and Tyynenmerenkatu, where drivers will have the choice of leaving along Tyynenmerenkatu or along Länsisatamankatu towards Crusell Bridge.

In the Crusell Bridge direction, the City of Helsinki is set to introduce traffic streamlining measures at the crossroads of Länsisatamankatu and Itämerenkatu, and Länsisatamankatu and Porkkalankatu.

New bus parking area opened

Also a new long-distance bus parking area was opened to streamline the process for group travel. The area is located at the southern end of the P1 long term parking area.

Heavy traffic buffer area to shrink in stages

The truck traffic buffer area in West Harbour is to be reduced in size in stages. The aim is for heavy traffic in the future to be directed to arrive at the Harbour in windows of a few hours, meaning that the trucks can wait to be loaded onto the ship in embarkation areas within the Harbour.

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