Building the Hernesaari cruise quay

Preliminary construction of the Hernesaaari cruise quay started in June 2016 with dredging and filling. Contaminated soil was dredged from the area for the new quay, along with soft clay. The area was filled with approximately 302,000 m3 of rock, and the filling reached 2 metres above sea level.

At the same time, dredging was carried out at the Pihlajasaari by-pass route, where the route area in front of the new quay was deepened and widened for large cruise ships.

Henesaaren risteilylaiturin elementit
13 metres high elements will be filled with concrete and lifted to the bottom of the sea.

13 metres high concrete elements

The actual construction of the quay started in early April 2017. In the EU-wide competitive tendering process, Terramare Oy was selected as the contractor. Terramare also participated in the preliminary construction.

The causeway was temporarily raised by approximately 2 metres, in order to store the rock filling for later use in the quay structure fillings.

Starting in May, concrete elements approximately 13 metres high were cast on the quay area. During August and September, a large floating crane will lift the elements to their final places on the platform evened out at the bottom of the sea. 313 metres of elements will be installed on the long side of the quay, and a junction structure of 20 metres into the end near the old Hernesaari quay.

Once the elements are installed at the bottom of the sea, their background is filled with the rock brought to the area earlier. After this, the quay wall, along with its fittings and pipework, is built. Finally, the field behind the quay is finalised and asphalted, and the rainwater outlets and light masts installed. A section of approximately 135 metres, weathered with rocks and equipped with three large bollards for ship docking, will continue the actual quay.

Ready for the 2019 cruise season

The construction of the quay itself will be finished in October 2018, after which the quay area electricity, light masts, and other equipment will be completed to be ready for use during the 2019 cruise season.