Access Permits at Passenger Harbours

In passenger harbours, working in closed harbour areas (quay and field areas, properties) requires an access permit for both workers and any vehicles used for the work.

The request for access permit must be addressed to the contractor (e.g. shipping company, telecommunications operator, Port of Helsinki Ltd). Port of Helsinki Ltd only processes permit requests from its own contractors.

Applications to the Port of Helsinki must be made at least 2 working days before working in the port. 

Before completing the application, contact the client and confirm the type of access required. The permit application is completed and signed electronically. The Permit Services will inform the applicant when the application has been processed.

Port of Helsinki’s safety induction 

Personal access badges and keys

We request Port of Helsinki Ltd’s contractors to use the application form below. The form can be used to request badges and keys for 1–3 people. The same application can also be used to request a permit for the vehicle used for the work if the work takes place in a closed harbour area.


Permit Services will notify the permit applicant when the access badges and keys are available for collection from the Satamatalo’s Permit Office (see Contact details). The badges and keys are collected in person and proof of identity must be provided by means of an official identity document (driving licence, passport or identity card, badge in the case of police, customs and border guards).

Vehicle access permits for the closed harbour area

Vehicle access permits are vehicle-specific and based on number plate recognition.

Vehicle access permits are also always applied for from the organisation ordering the work or transport.

If the client (contractor) is Port of Helsinki Ltd and working on the quay area does not require keys or access badge, you can use the permit application form below. Parking must be agreed separately with the contractor.


When entering the gate of the harbour area, the driver is obliged to keep the front registration plate clean of any dirt or snow.

Security in the port

Everyone working in the harbour area must follow the port safety instructions. 


Hot work, roofing and waterproofing work, diving and excavation work for example are subject to authorisation and require an action permit.

Apply for an action permit

Contact details

Permit services, Port of Helsinki Ltd, 
E-mail address: port.luvat(at)
Telephone: +358 9 310 33615
Postal address: P.O. Box 197, FI-00141 HELSINKI 

Collecting and returning access badges and keys: 
Satamatalo’s Permit Office 
Olympiaranta 3, 00140 Helsinki
(access through the main street-level doors)

Monday–Thursday 08:00–11:30
Friday–Sunday: closed
National holidays: closed