Port of Helsinki Annual Report



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CEO’s Review

The year 2023 had two sides for the Port of Helsinki. The number of passengers kept increasing, but the volumes of cargo passing through the Port began to dwindle as spring rolled along.

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With the annual report, you will get a good idea of ​​the business and financial performance of the Port of Helsinki. In addition, it provides information on the Port’s responsibility work and the progress of the Port Development Program. It also opens up the port’s role as a key part of Finns’ everyday life.

The total amount of CO2 emissions in the port areas decreased by 15%

Emissions in the port areas are divided into vessel emissions, machinery emissions, emissions from rubber-wheeled traffic and emissions from the port company’s own operations. The total amount of emissions in the port areas marked an 15% decrease from the previous year. This was particularly due to reduced emissions in vessel traffic.

The most meaningful aspects in working life were realised well

the Port received its first Future Workplaces certificate in 2023. The certificate shows that things that are meaningful to employees are realised well at the Port. Systematic developing of occupational wellbeing and management pays off.

The Green Corridor project, established in October, accelerates the zero-emission route between Helsinki and Tallinn.

A new safety induction was published

The Port of Helsinki has published a new digital safety induction., which all those working in city center harbours must complete before applying for access permits.

Henkilö puhuu radiopuhelimeen Helsingin Sataman turvaliivi ja kypärä päällä satamassa.
Goodbye to the Makasiini Terminal

Demolition of the Makasiini Terminal began in February. In July, the long-standing South Harbour landmark was gone from the street scene. The environmental benefit achieved from the reuse of demolition materials was greater than the carbon footprint caused by demolition.

Kaivinkoneet purkavat rakennusta.
Helsinki received 163,000 cruise guests

The season for international cruisers in Helsinki lasted from April to October. 163,000 cruise guests arrived in the city – the same number as in the previous season.

The new application introduces the terminal’s services to travellers

A web application for terminal services aimed at passengers using Olympia Terminal was introduced before the summer season. A passenger who has made a travel reservation will receive a reminder message from the shipping company before their trip, and the message also contains a link to the new terminal service app. The app shows the upcoming passenger in advance the terminal services that they will specifically use. In November, the app was brought to passengers using West Terminal 2 as well.


A new double ramp was completed to improve Vuosaari-Muuga traffic

The Vuosaari–Muuga ship route became more efficient when a new double ramp was completed at Vuosaari harbor. It strengthens the possibilities of growth in the cargo traffic between the port of Vuosaari and Estonia.

The port’s cargo business got a new leader

M.Sc. Vesa Marttinen started as a VP of the cargo traffic business at Port of Helsinki. 

Vesa Marttinen.
Smart Port gate system put into operation for the West Harbour and Katajanokka Harbour

A new automated Smart Port gate system was deployed for both passenger cars and heavy vehicles at the West Harbour and Katajanokka Harbour. 

Restaurant services were renewed at the Katajanokka terminal

The Katajanokka terminal’s restaurant services were renewed and Cafe Kuppi was opened in the lower lobby to the delight of both passengers and passers-by.

Car rental services also to the Katajanokka terminal

The Port of Helsinki and car rental service Hertz expanded their cooperation to the Katajanokka Terminal. Renting a car directly at the terminal will make travel easier and smoother for many.

We met at public events!

The Port of Helsinki invited everyone to get to know the operation of Vuosaari Harbour on the Vuosaari Harbour Day. More than 4,000 visitors participated in the event for the whole family. In addition, the Port met the townspeople and neighbors while participating in the Baltic Sea Day and the Jätkäsaari residents’ own Hyväntuulen Fest event.

Green Corridor MOU to speed up the zero-emission sea route

The ports and cities of Helsinki and Tallinn, as well as the shipping companies of the sea route, signed the Green Corridor Memorandum of Understanding to speed up actions to promote a zero-emission sea route.

Parking services expanded

The parking services of the Port of Helsinki expanded when the new Makasiiniranta P3 parking area was opened for everyone to use.

The updated visual identity reflects how intertwined port operations are with the lives of Finns

The Port of Helsinki’s updated visual identity highlights how integral the port is to both our capital city and Finnish society as a whole. The Port of Helsinki touches all of our lives. Sometimes indirectly, at other times directly.

Future Workplace 2023

The Port of Helsinki earned the Future Workplaces 2023 certificate. It means that the most important things in the working life for the employees are realized well at the Port.

The Port of Helsinki opened a rest area for heavy-duty vehicles 

The Port of Helsinki opened a rest area for harbour heavy-duty vehicles by Helsinki Airport. The goal of this solution being piloted is to achieve more flexibility in the harbour traffic of Helsinki.

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