A young woman looks at sea.

Port of Helsinki. Along every voyage.

Vuosaari Harbour

-9,4 °C
2,6 m/s

CO2 Emission Reduction Target:


less emissions from work machines used in the harbour area by 2030

We are one of Europe’s busiest passenger ports and Finland’s foreign trade channel to the world market

The Port of Helsinki creates a smooth framework for sea travel to Tallinn, Stockholm and Travemünde. In terms of cargo traffic, the Port of Helsinki is Finland’s leading general port for international traffic. We serve the business life and well-being of the Helsinki region and the whole of Finland.

Arriving Ships

  • Mon 4.12. 17:00
  • Mon 4.12. 17:00
    Raduga Poseidon
  • Mon 4.12. 18:30
    Distance 1 km
  • Mon 4.12. 19:15
    Finbo Cargo
    Distance 17 km

Weather in Vuosaari Harbour Mon 4.12. 18:24

-9,4 °C
2,6 m/s