Cargo traffic and Ships

Cargo traffic at the Port of Helsinki consists primarily of import and export for Finland’s foreign trade. The cargo is shipped in containers, trucks, trailers, and other similar large units.

Good preconditions for significant amounts of train transportation have also been created: the port railway joins the main railway line in Kerava and runs directly to Vuosaari Harbour’s quays and terminals.

In 2015 over 11 million tonnes of goods and over 11 million passengers passed through the Port of Helsinki. The harbours also saw over 8,400 vessel calls.

The value of the cargo traffic at the Port of Helsinki represents almost a third of the overall value of Finnish foreign trade, and two fifths of the value of foreign trade transported by sea.

The cargo transported to Helsinki’s goods harbours is, for the most part, consumer durables and food supplies, as well as raw materials and semi-finished products for industry. Forest and metal industry products, as well as food, textile and glass industry products formed the majority of the export cargo.

  • Vuosaari Harbour serves container and RoRo traffic. The companies operating in the area are served by a range of different cargo handling services.
  • South Harbour and West Harbour serve RoRo traffic travelling on passenger ships.