An access permit is always required for those wishing to move about in the closed harbour area by vehicle. Pedestrian and light traffic is forbidden in the closed harbour area. Those attempting to access the harbour and those moving around in the area must be able to present proof of identity and their reason for visiting the harbour on request.

Terminaalialueiden turvallisuudesta ja liikkumisesta alueilla vastaavat kyseisten terminaalien operaattorit.  

  • Shipping companies grant access permits for their own freight traffic. The Port of Helsinki also grants permits.
  • You must complete the Driver’s Safety Induction in advance before you can obtain an access permit. 

Harbour area gates

  • Heavy traffic going into the closed harbour area is directed through harbour gate A (24 hrs a day).
  • Maintenance traffic (cars, vans and delivery vehicles) are directed through the maintenance gate, B1 (6am–10pm).
  • Passenger traffic to the closed harbour area is directed through gate B2 or through the Hansa passenger terminal.

Traffic rules

  • When moving from one place to another in the harbour area the marked routes must be used.
  • All cars in the harbour area must have a yellow warning light attached to their roofs.
  • In the quay area please position yourself in the centre of the routes.
  • Driving into the working area of the cranes and work beneath cargo that is being lifted are prohibited.
  • The general speed limit within the harbour area is 30 km/hr (approx. 19 mph), however a lower limit of 20 km/hr (approx. 12 mph) applies in gate area A.

Personal protective equipment

In the harbour area protective gear and CE-marked high-visibility clothing must be worn. A protective helmet (CE EN 397) must be worn in the closed harbour area at Vuosaari harbour whenever there is a danger of falling objects.

Operators’ own areas

Port operators manage their own operational areas. The working area between the ships loading and unloading cargo and the warehouses is intended exclusively for loading operations. All other traffic in these areas is strictly forbidden.

Area surveillance

A recording camera and video surveillance system are used in the closed harbour area and guards make regular rounds of the premises. Surveillance of the harbour area is coordinated from Port Info.

Port Info, 24 hrs/day tel. +358 (0)9 310 33 794

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