The Port of Helsinki operates in a financially sustainable manner and creates national and regional well-being. Stable finances ensure the continuity of operations and form a basis for responsible operations. We take care of the profitability, competitiveness and efficiency of our business. We aim for a good result, responsibly.

As a business in Helsinki that is fully owned by the City, we pay our taxes to Helsinki and pay rent and dividends to our owner annually.

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Annual Report 2023

The Port of Helsinki reports on the achievement of its responsibility and sustainable development
goals as a part of its
Annual Report.

Impact on society

The Port of Helsinki serves the business world and well-being of the Helsinki region and the whole country.  The Port of Helsinki strives to strengthen these effects through its own activities.

The Port of Helsinki is an important logistics hub serving the business life of the Helsinki region. Port operations have significant positive effects related to both the regional economy and employment.

  • The total economic impact of the Port is EUR 4.1 billion per year, and the employment impact in maritime and port-related jobs is 25,100 person-years.
  • The port operations of the capital also have a significant effect on the well-being of all of Finland. In addition to the regional effects, the effects of the cargo and passenger transport through the ports of Helsinki spread through practically all of Finland.
  • The Port of Helsinki is the largest port in Finland in terms of both general cargo and passenger traffic: Helsinki accounts for about 80 per cent of passenger traffic between mainland Finland and other countries, and the Port of Helsinki accounts for about half of the total tonnage of Finnish ports in general cargo traffic.

This information is provided by the Port of Helsinki Impact Assessment 2019 carried out by the Brahea Centre at the University of Turku (in Finnish).

The Port has a great impact on functionality of the Finnish foreign trade logistics and security of supply.