At the Port, we feel that our work is interesting and important for Finland’s foreign trade and sea traffic, as well as for a vibrant urban environment. We work productively and responsibly in collaboration with our customers and other partners. Our aim is to be the most attractive port operator to our customers.

We invest in high-quality leadership and staff wellbeing. We offer you the opportunity to develop your skills both in your everyday work and through various forms of training. We also offer you the opportunity to use our diverse and comprehensive employee benefits to support your overall wellbeing. We enjoy working with our colleagues and stakeholders and value each other’s skills and expertise. Multi-site working and flexible remote work allow for a smooth everyday life and work.

We give you the chance to do meaningful work in a unique working environment and an interesting and evolving industry. With a view of the sea – literally.

Our committed personnel are the result of a combination of long-term experience and new, fresh views.

What career opportunities do we offer?

Our sustainable growth is enabled by a great, multi-disciplinary team of experts: logistics and transport planners, project managers, engineers and commercial and security specialists.

Check out our vacancies here or fill in an open application here.

Benefits of working for the Port of Helsinki

  • Great opportunities for training, development and job rotation.
  • Skilled and friendly colleagues. We have friendly people doing good and meaningful work together.
  • Good working time flexibility and opportunities for multi-site work. Some work must be done on-site at the harbours, as you cannot move the entire port to a home office or summer cabin. You can work remotely whenever the nature of your work allows it.
  • Diverse and comprehensive personnel benefits. We take care of people’s wellbeing and invest in supporting an active everyday life – not forgetting our shared celebrations!
  • A motivating pay system. We offer performance bonuses for good performance to all employees and have a staff fund.

Meaningful for us

Important things that Port of Helsinki employees think are being achieved well at the Port of Helsinki, according to the Port of Helsinki staff survey:

  • meaningful work tasks
  • job security and continuity
  • skilled colleagues
  • the opportunity to use your own skills daily
  • a fair and competent supervisor.